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Modified Polymeric Membranes for Direct Alcohol Fuel Cell Applications
Husnul Maab

Modified Polymeric Membranes for Direct Alcohol Fuel Cell Applications
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Effective membranes for Direct Alcohol Fuel Cell were prepared from two classes of materials. The first one is based on Sulphonated Polyetheretherketon (SPEEK) coated with Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS) layers and the second class is based on SPEEK/Polyimide (PI) blends. Both approaches led a substantial reduction of Alcoholsol crossover through the membranes, when compared to plain SPEEK and to Nafion 117® membranes. The SPEEK/PI blends had better performance than CMS-coated SPEEK membranes in the DEFC tests. Particularly in DEFC experiments performed at 90 ?C the SPEEK/PI membranes had a better performance than Nafion 117® membranes due mainly to the effective reduction of ethanol crossover.
Rajendra S. Dave and Gunjan Dave

Novel Application Of Dowex M 4195 Resins And Green Environment
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In the present book, an attempt has been made to remove heavy metals like copper and nickel from plating discharge water in industries and how this waste water can be reused.Ion exchange method is the solution of heavy metals removal from waste water and can often use and easy to investigate the result in laboratory and industries.waste water effluent from different plating industries of Ahmadabad region(India) have been selected.The resin named Dowex M 4195 have been selected for the removal of metals.Parameters like adsorption equilibrium,initial concentration, effect of pH, effect of resin dosage, effect of contact time have been investigated intensively.Standard parameters can be developed for column chromatography to remove some heavy metals from industrial waste water and can make filter plantation for metals removal from waste effluent. Thus it may be possible to reuse for industrial purpose or other domestic uses. Metal are harmful for human beings and causes pollution of...
Sanjay Jadhav

Studies On Oxides Containing 3d Transition Elements
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The gas sensing mechanism is based on conductance of the ferrites. The oxygen adsorbed on the surface of the material influences conductance of the ferrite. The amount of oxygen on the surface of the material depends on the particle size, specific area and operating temperature of the sensor. The interaction between the sensing material and gas to be detected determines the gas response. Generally, photocatalytic degradation of organic compounds includes various processes. An electron is excited from the valence band to the conduction band (CB) of metal oxides by absorption of light with energy equal to or greater than the band gap of the semiconductor. The separated photoinduced electrons and holes transfer to the semiconductor surface efficiently. At the surface, electrons react with acceptors (usually O2 dissolved in the solution) to produce oxidant species, for example hydroxyl radicals. Meanwhile, holes react with donors (H2O, OH–) to produce oxidant species. Oxidant species...
Amr Saber

Analytical Techniques for Determination some Pharmaceutical Compounds
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The book deals with studying the quantification of some investigated pharmaceutical drugs using three different techniques. Some azo compounds involved in spectrophotometric method as reagent to form stable complex with drugs as ion-pair complex in buffer solutions of different pH values. The book deals also with the determination of investigated pharmaceutical drugs with ion–selective membrane sensors, The potentiometric method used has the advantage of application in turbid and coloured solutions and gives accurate results without any pretreatment steps. The studying deals also with the quantification of investigated drugs in various pharmaceutical preparations using regular HPLC-UV system and determination of OXO-HCl in human plasma samples using micro-capillary µHPLC-SPE-MS, the results give a highly selective, sensitive, rapid, and direct method for determination of drugs in pharmaceutical preparations and human plasma. The proposed methods can be used as alternative methods to...
Shaza Shantier

New Spectrophotometric Method for determination of Cephalosporines
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The importance of cephalosporins and the continuing introduction of new drugs of this series have prompted many researches to explore methods for their determination. Cefadroxil, one of these drugs, is the target in the present work. Most of the reported methods of analysis of cefadroxil are time consuming, lacking selectivity, require sophisticated equipment or not simple for routine analysis. For instance, the most widely used technique for its determination is liquid-chromatography. Therefore the need for a fast, sensitive, simple and selective method is needed, especially for routine quality control analysis of pharmaceutical products containing cefadroxil. The penicillins and the cephalosporines share a common structural feature that makes them determined by the proposed method. In this study, simple spectrophotometric method was developed for the assay of cefadroxil in bulk and pharmaceutical dosage forms. The validity of the method for the determination of cefadroxil in bulk...
Abd El-Aziz Fouda and Dalia Eid

Green Corrosion Inhibitors
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This book reports the literature survey of the corrosion inhibition of iron in different media. and the use of rare earth metals as green corrosion inhibitors for iron in clear and polluted sodium chloride solutions. Several electrochemical techniques were used, such as potentiodynamic polarization, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) and the recent one electrochemical frequency modulation (EFM). The surface of iron specimens were examined using scanning electron microscope (SEM) and Energy disperse X-ray (EDX) techniques. The adsorption isotherm was determined. The effect of temperature was studied in order to determine whether the adsorption of rare earth metals on iron surface was physically or chemically and to determine some thermodynamic parameters such as energy of activation, enthalpy of activation and entropy of activation. The different tecniques used gave good agreement.
Bubnov Yu.N.

Boron Chemistry at the Beginning of the 21st Century
Цена: 7894.00 р.

Boron Chemistry at the Beginning of the 21st Century
Краткий справочник химика

Краткий справочник химика
Цена: 450.00 р.

Москва, 1954 год. Государственное научно-техническое издательство химической литературы. Издательский переплет. Сохранность хорошая. Издание третье, исправленное и дополненное. В справочнике содержатся физико-химические характеристики разнообразных веществ и другие сведения по различным разделам химии, физики и лабораторной практики. Приводятся также сведения по математике, мерологии и ряду других вопросов, представляющих интерес для химиков. Вес: **530**
А. М. Бутлеров. Избранные работы по органической химии
А. М. Бутлеров

А. М. Бутлеров. Избранные работы по органической химии
Цена: 2233.00 р.

Москва, 1951 год. Издание Академии наук СССР. Издательский переплет. Сохранность хорошая, потеки на 11 листах. В настоящем издании приведены наиболее значительные работы русского химика, создателя теории химического строения А.М.Бутлерова. Вес: **1100** Ширина: **160** Высота: **30** Глубина: **240**
Занимательная геохимия
А. Е. Ферсман

Занимательная геохимия
Цена: 750.00 р.

Прижизненное издание. Ленинград, 1954 год, Государственное Издательство Детской Литературы Министерства Просвещения РСФСР. Издательский переплет. Множество иллюстраций. Сохранность удовлетворительная. В книге "Занимательная геохимия" академик А. Е. Ферсман художественно изложил итоги своей многолетней работы над созданием новой ветви геологической науки - геохимии, стремясь показать химическую жизнь нашей планеты так, как она рисовалась его богатому научным опытом воображению. Вес: **870** Ширина упаковки: **180** Высота упаковки: **30** Глубина упаковки: **220**

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