Биохимия. Молекулярная биология

Khalid Majid Fazili and Syed Tanveer

DNA Structure and Replication
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The field of Molecular Biology continues to attract and excite the students of all branches of life sciences, including biology and Medicine.The text covers two basic but very important aspects of Molecular Biology, DNA structure and replication. Some of the aspects of DNA structure which the beginners usually find difficult to follow and understand from the usual texts have been discussed and simplified. DNA replication in prokaryotic organisms has been explained. Eukaryotic DNA and its replication has also been covered. The text though appears comprehensive is basically meant for the beginners.
Narendra Kumar Sah,Harnam Kaur and K.S. Sodhi

Microalbuminuria: Independent Risk Factor of CVD in Type II DM
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Diabetes is a major global health problem, currently affecting an estimated 246 million people worldwide, with a doubling of this prevalence expected in the next30 yr. Diabetes mellitus is one of the commonest endocrine disorders encountered in clinical practice. It is characterized by hyperglycaemia due to an absolute or relative lack of insulin and/or insulin resistance. Noninsulin dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM) Type 2occurs at any age, but is more common between 40–80 years of age and also has a strong genetic component. Compared with people without diabetes, affected individuals are at increased risk for both cardiovascular events and kidney disease. As the number of persons with diabetes increases, the development of microvascular complications like retinopathy, nephropathy and neuropathy also rises. These microvascular complications are linked to the duration of diabetes mellitus, poor glycemic control and systolic hypertension. Poor glycemic control and long duration of...
Poh Foong Lee

Electrophoresis Study of Bacteria
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It is a manuscript about the investigation on surface charge of the cell membrane of unicellular cell. A precise understanding on the surface charge function of the cell membrane and especially the communication between the cells helps to explain the cellular functions which can manage the usage of drug on the bacteria or manipulate the adhesion of bacteria to the biomaterial. The surface charge of the live and dead bacteria was compared and shown in this manuscript.
Kalpana Sengar

Biochemistry Manual
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Biochemistry is the science which deals with the chemical composition, the synthesis, the degradation and interaction of compounds found in living organisms. More simply it encompasses understanding of life processes in terms of chemical phenomena. The theme of biochemistry is to correlate the molecular structures with the biological functions. Today, the growth of all other biological sciences such as biotechnology, biology, physiology, genetics, pathology, microbiology, medicine, agriculture etc. is dependent upon biochemistry. Biochemistry has an important role to play in all the life processes and technological developments in the area of food energy public health and pollution control in order to meet the requirement with the rapidly increasing world population in the years to come. Biochemistry is an experimental science.This “Biochemistry Manual” has been written to help researchers, teachers and students for proper understanding and use of the major techniques and methods...
Mohamad Firdaus Abdullah and Razib M Othman

Multiple Alignments, Hidden Markov Models and SVMs
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Remote protein homology detection is a problem of detecting evolutionary relationship between proteins at low sequence similarity level. Among several problems in remote protein homology detection include the questions of determining which combination of multiple alignment and classification techniques is the best as well as the misalignment of protein sequences during the alignment process. Therefore, this study deals with remote protein homology detection via assessing the impact of using structural information on protein multiple alignments over sequence information. This study further presents the best combinations of multiple alignment and classification programs to be chosen. This study also improves the quality of the multiple alignments via integration of a refinement algorithm.
RABIA HAMID,Bashir Ahmad Ganai and Misba Khan

Antimicrobial and Antioxidant Activity of a Medicinal Plant
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Medicinal plants are being used in traditional treatments to cure variety of diseases from thousands of years. Screening of antimicrobial and antioxidant activities performed on Elsholtzia densa crude extracts which is traditionally used as herb shows that they are endowed with potentially utilizable antimicrobial and free radical scavenging activity. Accordingly, this implies the inhibition of microbial pathogenesis and cellular oxidation that is linked to pathological incidents such as heart disease, aging and cancer. It was seen that the ethylacetate extract showed the maximum inhibitory effects against both bacterial and fungal growth. This may be due to the presence of such ingredients in the said extracts like flavonoids, terpenes, tannins, polyphenolic compounds, alkaloids, etc. The crude extracts of the plant possess radical scavenging activity as estimated by in vitro antioxidant assays like DNA damage assay, lipid peroxidation assay, DPPH assay, FTC assay, etc. Hence,...
Marta Rivera-Alba

Wiring economy in nervous systems
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The economy law of the nervous systems was hypothesized by Santiago Ramon y Cajal, the famous Spanish neuroscientist, more than a century ago. It assumes that nervous systems are designed by evolution to be functional and economical at the same time. The functionality of the nervous systems cannot be argued but their optimality needed further quantitative testing. In this work we analyzed the anatomy of the neurons in the first step of visual processing in Drosophila melanogaster. We show that neurons are organized to minimize the total length of branches necessary to set up their connectivity network. First, a complete subnetwork of the visual system has been reconstructed in three dimensions, obtaining the position, shape and connectivity of all it neurons. And second, a new mathematical paradigm of wiring economy has been combined with volume exclusion to show that anatomy of the subnetwork reconstructed is determined by Cajal’s economy law.
Muhammad Usman Hashmi and Saqlain Abbas Shah

Bioactive Glass Ceramics for Orthopedic Applications
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Bioceramics and bioglass ceramics are a wide arena of research in the current era due to their potential applications in orthopedics and surgery. Although there is a great strategic significance of glass-ceramics in the field of bio-materials yet there is a lack of detailed study on the correlation between the structure and the activity of glass composition in biological surroundings that negatively affect the further progress in improving the chemical stability and modifying the biodegradability of these materials for certain applications. So there is a need to prepare and characterize new bio-glass ceramic materials using every possible compositional and parametric changes because bio-activity and structural properties of glass-ceramics are found to be greatly affected by these important variations. In this book, synthesis of bio-glass ceramics of novel compositions with different CaO/MgO ratio have been discussed and following features are explained in detail. 1- Correlation...
Abid Hamid Dar

Folate Transport & DNA Methylation:The Molecular Approach
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The folate transport system reflects complex regulatory mechanism of diverse biochemical and physiological nature at the absorptive epithelia dictated by the site and tissue specific microenvironment. The author studied the alcohol associated changes on DNA methylation which explains the etiology of the cancer via epigenetic mechanisms. Here insights in the role that reduced folate carrier and folate binding protein play in folate delivery across epithelia in conditions of malabsorption has been primarily explained at molecular level. In addition, disruption of the epigenome by extremes of dietary folates in human tissue recombination xenograft/orthotopic models using mesenchymal stem cells for cancer development and progression has also been highlighted. The knowledge regarding the expression, intracellular regulation and localization of carriers in relation to their role in the transport of folate might be useful for development of future therapeutic strategies for counteracting...
Nikolai Vekshin

Fluorescence Spectroscopy of Biomacromolecules
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This book by Dr. Nikolai Vekshin is the 2-nd edition (with additions and corrections). It is a brief course in fluorescence spectroscopy of biomacromolecules and their complexes. General items on spectroscopy, engineering of experiments and biological examples are given. Proteins, enzymes, DNA, oligonucleotides, biomembranes, coenzymes, antibiotics, fluorescent probes, dyes etc. are presented as examples (basically from own experience of the author). The book is intended for biophysicists, biochemists, molecular biologists, physical-chemists and other researchers, interested in use of fluorescent methods.
Kempohalli Chandrashekharaiah

Plant Protease Inhibitors
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The book "Protease Inhibitors" provides information on trypsin and chymotrypsin inhibotors of plants,animals and microorganisms. This book gives details of isolation, purification and characterization of protease inhibitors from the seeds of Mucuna pruriens. It also provides ample information to the students who involved in protein chemistry and enzymology. This book is organized into various chapters to cover all the aspects of protein purification and characterization. This book also provides up-to-date information and recent advances in various applications of protease inhibitors.
Emmanuel Titus Friday,Ubi Benjamin and Udu Ibiam

Assessment of Selected Micronutrients in Sweet Potatoes
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Sweet potato is among the main staple food sources and is often eaten boiled, roasted or fried in oil. In this study, the levels of the micronutrients: Fe, Zn and vitamin A in the unpeeled (FUPT) and peeled (FPT) tubers; as well as boiled and roasted samples from 15 cultivars were determined using standard analytical methods. The diverse cultivar collected, were planted and used for this study over two seasons. T-test analysis indicated no significant differences in the levels of the micro-nutrients between the two seasons. The values of Fe, Zn and vitamin A obtained in fresh unpeeled tubers (FUPT) ranged from 0.413 – 0.738, 0.167– 0.356 and 0.475 – 3.162 mg/100 g fresh weight, respectively; while those obtained in the peeled fresh tubers (FPT) ranged from 0.277 – 0. 628, 0.131 – 0.256 and 0.241 – 2.835 mg/100 g, respectively. In the unpeeled boiled tubers, the concentration of Fe, Zn and vitamin A ranged from 0.247 - 0.545 , 0.132 - 0.193 and 0.333 - 2.434 mg/100 g sample weight,...
Ehtishamul Haq

Sepsis: Pathobiology and Alternative Treatment Strategies
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Sepsis, a leading cause of death, describes a complex clinical syndrome that develops when initial, appropriate host response to an infection becomes amplified and then dysregulated, not only does the disease progress in various phases, but initial inflammation is sometimes followed by immunosupression. Also a multitude of microorganisms are involved in sepsis pathology. The present treatment regimens available for sepsis are limited, adjunct herbal therapy to already established therapies seems to be the need of hour. The present book describes the general pathobiology of sepsis, followed by the treatment strategies presently in vogue, the different signaling pathways involved, and ultimately reviews some of the plant based components that might be tested as complement to present therapies.
Rajat Kheri

Synthesis of Natural Isoflavone
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Synthesis of Natural Isoflavone Since times our pharma industries have been synthesizing isoflavones from plant sources, which requires lot of money resulting high cost of creams and cosmetics. So to overcome that barrier a new method has been developed to synthesize these isoflavones syntheticaly in industries without plant origin. This new method will result in heavy cost reduction not only of synthesizing them but also of the final marketed product, resulting in more consumption. This method is still under observation one may call it as a hypothesis also.
Mixed Cultivation of Euglena Gracilis and Chlorella Sorokiniana
Emmanuel Titus Friday and Ayodele Samuel Micheal

Mixed Cultivation of Euglena Gracilis and Chlorella Sorokiniana
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Mixed culture of Chlorella sorokiana and Euglena gracilis was compared with their monocultures under photoautotropic, mixotrophic and heterotrophic conditions. The cell density, final cell concentration, and yield from glucose consumed were compared. The data were subjected to analysis of variance (ANOVA) and was used to compared the means. The Analysis of variance showed that in a mixed culture, there was a significant increase in growth rates of Euglena gracilis and Chlorella sorokiniana (P< 0.05) when compared to the values obtained in mono-cultures. A total yield of 6.764 million cells/ml and 5.173 million cells/ml were obtained in co-cultures and monocultures respectively. This demonstrates that mixed cultivation has a very high potential as substitute for the current monocultivation of Euglena gracilis and Chlorella sorokiniana.

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