Технические науки в целом

Narayanan Meyyappan and Rangasamy Parthiban

A Novel Separation Technique using Hydrotropes
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In this book a comprehensive study on the effect of hydrotropes such as sodium benzoate, sodium salicylate, tri-sodium citrate and urea on the solubility and mass transfer coefficient of a series of aromatic esters such as benzyl acetate, benzyl propionate, benzyl butyrate, benzyl benzoate and benzyl salicylate has been carried out. The influence of a wide range of hydrotrope concentration and different temperatures on the solubility of aromatic esters is presented. The influence of different hydrotrope concentrations on the mass transfer coefficient of esters has been ascertained. Data on various aspects of hydrotropic study on the solubility and mass transfer coefficient for a series of aromatic esters have been provided for the first time. The experimental solubility data for various solutes at different temperatures have been analyzed using the modified Setschenow equation. To propose a possible mechanism of hydrotropic phenomenon, the solution properties of hydrotropes like...
Bharath Raghavan

Nanofiber Filter Media for Air and Hot Gas Filtration Applications
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Nonwoven fibrous media with nanofibers havesignificant filtration applications in automotive,chemical, transportation, power generation andpharmaceutical/biological industries. Nanofibers havehigher capture efficiencies in comparison tomicrofibers in the submicron particle size range of100 - 500 nm because of smaller fiber diameter andincreased surface area of the fibers. Nanofibers arein the slip flow regime as a consequence of whichsteep increase in pressure drop is considerablyreduced due to slip effect. The economic benefits ofusing nanofiber filter media are improved filterperformance and compact filters.Electrospinning process was used to fabricate polymerand ceramic nanofibers. The electrospun polymernanofibers were added to the nonwoven fibrous mediato improve filter performance for air filtration.This improved filter performance was in consistentwith numerical modeling. This book describes theexperimental and modeling results of particle loadingon fibrous media and...
Dr.Suneetha Vuppu

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Xylanase is an enzyme of glycosyl hydrolase family (11) that can easily break the beta-1, 4-d-xylosidic linkage of xylan, which is a major constituent of hemicelluloses. These days, xylanase are the enzymes on demand in pulp and paper industry. But for product enhancement, they need cellulase free xylanase.samples collected from the waste yard of food ndustry.First, =CSPY media was prepared. For enhancing the xylanase producing ability, wood scrapings were used as xylan substrate. From the first stage screening, actinomycete culture is obtained that has shown normal level cellulase free xylanase activity. For higher level activity, other natural substrates like corn cobs, baggaserice bran and pure xylan are used for optimization. This optimization process may enhance the production of cellulase free xylanase that could industrially fruitful in better pulp bleaching. Cellulase assay is done to confirm the absence of cellulase in the strains as cellulase free Xylanase is required....
Ram N

Hydroxyapatite, a wonder Biomaterial. Synthesis and characterization
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Nanotechnology is poised to change the way we perceive and practice science. Nanomaterials are the ones that posses at least one dimension lesser than 100 nanometer (nm). The science of nanotechnology revolves around the ability to engineer, control and exploit the unique chemical, physical and electrical properties that the infinitesimally tiny man-made particles exhibit. A biomaterial is any material, natural or man-made, that comprises whole or part of a living structure or a biomedical device which performs, augments, or replaces a natural function. Hydroxyapatite(HAp) falls under the category of calcium phosphate based ceramics and has been used extensively for replacing and augmenting bone tissue. This book reports a comprehensive analysis on the combustion synthesis route for Hydroxyapatite synthesis, and the different characterization methods to decipher the product''s size range, functional groups, crystallinity. A preliminary study on the applicability of HAp as an adsorbent...
Yasemin SAHAN

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In this book, it was aimed to determine some heavy metal content in black olives cv. Gemlik, which meet an important part of black table olive demand in our country and are of importance in our region. In the research, the iron, copper, zinc, lead and cadmium content of fresh olives grown at the roadside and on mountains were analyzed and the chemical and metal analyses were carried out on olives harvested from different sites when fresh, in the 1st, 3rd and 5th months of fermentation, or during the marketing period. Moreover, analyses of magnesium, chromium, cobalt, nickel and tin were realized in addition to the metals mentioned, with the aim of determining the metal content of black olives sold in the Bursa market. According to the results obtained from the study, the effects of all three regions on the metal pollution of olives picked from roadsides and near industrial zones were found to be significant statistically.
Laleh Safinia

Surface Modification Of Polymer Constructs For Tissue Engineering
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One of the major issues in tissue engineering is the seeding of mammalian cells onto natural or synthetic scaffolds, to which the cells should attach and colonise into three-dimensional (3D) orientation, defining the shape of the tissue. The structural and surface properties of the biomaterials used to make the scaffolds, such as pore structure, hydrophilicity and surface charge are therefore important parameters to consider, if they are to be used as supportive 3D matrices for cells, providing a strong mechanical contact between the cells and the scaffold. In this work, a variety of synthetic polymer scaffolds was fabricated via thermally induced phase separation (TIPS) followed by freeze-drying. The polymers under study were two biodegradable polyesters, poly (D,L-lactide) (PDLLA) and poly (lactide-co-glycolide) (PLGA) and two non-biodegradable polymers, polystyrene (PS) and polyurethane (PU). For the design and reproducible fabrication of polymer scaffolds, tailored for directed...
Dasari Hari Prasad and Jong-Ho Lee

Internal-Reforming of Methane over Nickel-based SOFC anodes
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Solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) are considered as one of the promising energy conversion systems due to their high efficiency, fuel flexibility and environmentally friendly operation. Internal steam reforming of methane continues to be a topic of much interest in power generation from SOFCs, due to its potential to increase the overall system efficiency, minimize reforming components, and provides effective cooling. The reforming reaction is very fast compared to the electrochemical oxidation of hydrogen. This results in large temperature gradients in conventional stacks. Development of new tailored anode catalysts with reduced steam reforming activity but which still show a high activity with respect to electrochemical oxidation of hydrogen is a possible way out to this problem. This book provides the information about the fundamental characteristics of Ceria-Zirconia materials and the catalytic performance of Nickel- Ceria/Zirconia cermet anodes for POM and SRM ...
subbarao chirravuri

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Processing and storage vessels in chemical industries are available in different shapes. The time required to drain these vessels is known as efflux time. Draining a liquid from a large storage vessel through an exit pipe is always associated with laminar flow in the tank and turbulent flow in the exit pipe depending on the physical properties of the liquid and the geometrical characteristics of the exit piping system. During draining, the liquid experiences friction and this friction is a measure of drag. The drag increases many fold when the flow transforms from laminar flow in the tank to turbulent flow in the exit pipe. Hence, drag reduction options are to be explored. The phenomenon of drag reduction by minute concentrations of polymer additives has been attempted for over sixty years, ever since its discovery by Toms. This book is focused on understanding drag reduction using water soluble polyacryl amide polymer solutions when a Newtonian liquid ( water in...
Bezaye Taye and Dr. Eng. Shimelis Admassu

Evaluation of Cheddar and Cottage Cheese Production from Doe and Ewe
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The study was aimed to produce cheddar and cottage cheese from doe and ewe milk. The sources of milk were from Arsi Negele and Kofele areas of Oromiya region of Ethiopia. Cheddar cheeses were made from whole doe, whole ewe milk and their mixtures contained ratio of 25, 50 and 75% of doe and ewe milk using standard procedure for cheddar cheese processing technology.The proximate, microbiological, Physico- chemical, sensory analysis and yield calculation of the cheeses were made at chemical Engineering laboratory, Holleta agricultural research center,Ethiopian health and nutrition research institute.The thesis generally includes processing technology and evaluation of cheddar cheese made from doe and/or ewe milk. As a result an economically feasible production system has been recommended by scaling up to industry level.
Mukund Divekar and Nitin Bhate

Process Dynamics Laboratory
Цена: 4747.00 р.

It would be clear to the readers of Chemical Engineering disciplines across the globe that this book contains the results of comprehensive study, design, and exhaustive experimentation to achieve the desired goals. It is the observation of the authors through their knowledge and experience that traditionally the teaching methodology currently practised does not go hand in hand with theory and laboratory performance. To address this issue the authors strongly felt that laboratory Orientation, Design approach and its Performance have to be preceded by proper protocol as it is a vital cog in the process wheel. To elaborate and justify this ideology the authors have after in depth study and firm conviction introduced the rationale for performing experiments and highlighted the connection with the real world. Through the chapters the authors are confident that not only the students but also the Educational Institutions teaching Chemical Engineering...
Rangasamy Parthiban

Heat and mass transfer studies on different leather materials
Цена: 4747.00 р.

Leather is an important economic commodity. The feel of the leather invariably decides the quality of the leather. The rate and mode of drying alters the physico-mechanical properties of the leather significantly. Typically, in leather manufacture wet leathers with about 70% moisture levels are subjected to mechanical squeezing operation, samming, for removal of freely held water before subjecting to conventional drying processes to produce leathers with 15– 20% moisture. Experiments are conducted to gain a clear picture of how drying variable affects the mechanical properties of dried leathers. Shorter drying time and proper initial water content are favorable conditions to produce stronger and softer leather. Possibility have been explored of using mass quantity such as drying rate to generalize relationship between drying variables and mechanical properties. From the experiments, it can be concluded that by vacuum drying process stronger and softer leather can be achieved, which...
Richa Jackeray

Цена: 7653.00 р.

This thesis is devoted towards the development of polymeric matrices and bioconjugated quantum dots for immuno-based detection of S.typhi in water. Thesis involves the surface modification of nylon membrane by grafting with GMA using free radical graft copolymerization. S.typhi specific IgG immobilized NyM-g-GMA was used as solid phase in development of ELISA for detection of S.typhi. Developed sandwich ELISA was found to be specific, reproducible, reasonably rapid and sensitive with detection limit of 103cells/mL. Developed sandwich ELISA was found to have two-fold higher limit of detection as compared to the assay performed using PS plates. For further validation of the developed immunoassay, water samples were collected from different sources in and around Delhi and tested for various parameters of validation. A method for fluorescence based detection of sandwich immunocomplex of bacteria and antibody conjugated CdSe/ZnS quantum dots on surface modified porous ...
Amit Gawande,Gopal S. Zamre and Vilas C. Renge

Utilization of Plastic Waste in Asphalting of Roads
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This book gives a clear idea about resent advancement in plastic road construction as well as its various aspects. Also invisigates the possibility of using various plastics in asphalting of roads. The object of work is to describe relevant methods of use of waste plastic in roads along with Eco-friendly disposal of plastic waste, collection of related literature available worldwide for reference & to compare it with actual experimental values. It also aims at importance & use of plastics in daily life as well as proper road connectivity for economic growth, while consideration of its economic aspects & impacts. The experimentation involves preparation of blends of various types of waste plastic with bitumen- a major ingreadent in road construction and coating of waste plastic on aggregates as another process. The modification of bitumen with plastic & road constructed with polymer coated aggregates are tested for various test parameters & compared with normal values. The results are...
Susan Azizi

High- Density Polyethylene and Polystyrene Blend/Clay Nanocomposites
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This book introduces some new achievements in the field of nanocomposites and can be useful for all practitioners and students that are interested in the field of nanocomposites. The author during her work with nanocomposites found some new and interesting points which can be used by others who are interested in the field. Accordingly,some suggestions were included in the book which can be helpful for the students and prevent them from repeating the previous experiences.
Mostafa Rahimnejad,Mohsen Jahanshahi and Ghasem Najafpour

Fabrication and Optimization of BSA Nanoparticles
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Nanotechnology is the creation and utilization of materials, devices and systems by control of matter on nano scale. Given the inherent nanoscale functions of biological components of living cells, it was inevitable that nanotechnology would be applied to life sciences. Such applications give rise to the term nanobiotechnology. Technical achievements in nanotechnology are being applied to improve drug delivery. Albumin nanoparticles have been shown efficacy as biodegradable carrier, which can incorporate variety of drugs in relatively non-specific fashion. Protein nanoparticles, due to the presence of charged group, can also be used as matrix. When the drug is encapsulated by the nanoparticles, the product are called nanocapsules, if the medicine is uniformly coated on the exterior of the nanoparticle then is called nanosphere. Simple coacervation was used for manufacturing BSA nanoparticles as a colloidal drug delivery system in this book and the essential parameters were considered....

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