Воздушный транспорт. Космонавтика

Mohsen Jahanmiri

Excited Jet and Its Applications
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Excited jets are an excellent platform for the study of fluid dynamics and turbulence as they display numerous phenomena that are encountered throughout the field of fluid dynamics. Many researchers have worked on jet flow control to enhance mixing and/or reduce noise. The impetus for the present study was to throw some light on various types of excited jets used so far in engineering applications.
Ugur Guven and Gurunadh Velidi

Solid Rocket Propulsion for Space Exploration
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This book is intended for aerospace engineering students as well as for professional aerospace engineers who are interested in rocket propulsion technology as well as solid fuel rocket technology. Solid rocket boosters are an important part of rocket propulsion technology and they are essential part of the Space Shuttle as well as other spacecraft. This book talks about the basics of rocket propulsion as well as the use of solid rocket fuels. The advantages of solid rocket propulsion are clearly laid out in the chapters and analysis and manufacturing if solid rocket fuels are discussed. Applications of solid rocket propulsion are also included. Plenty of CFD analysis and thermodynamic analysis are also provided for the student / engineers. This book is a must for any aerospace engineer who wants introductory materials for solid fuel rocket propulsion. Dr. Ugur Guven and Gurunadh Velidi are both advanced space propulsion specialists who have talked about solid rocket propulsion at...
Amarnath Mullick

Studies of Flow Through Air Intakes using Artificial Intelligence
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Y-intake is synonymous with 'twin intake' or ' bifurcated intake'. These are referred to a pair of intakes in the wing root or on the two sides of a fuselage, feeding a single engine via a common plenum chamber. Y shaped intake is the popular choice for air intake in single engined fighter aircraft. The air intake must meet the engine mass flow demand over a range of aircraft speeds and altitudes with pressure recovery and low distortion of the exit flow. These types of intakes are normally side mounted and the two limbs of the duct are merged inside the fuselage into one and supply air at the compressor face with minimum turbulence and impact. The center line offset of the intakes with respect to the engine is a real challenge in designing the intake conforming to the constraints imposed by other aspects of the aircraft design. In the present work the flow and performance characteristics of a rectangular Y-intake diffusing duct studied extensively and the the experimental results...
Ali Rezvani

Study of avian control with engineered biopsychological approach
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Bird aircraft strike hazard is a serious threat for airlines all around the world. Many damages and crashes are reported by airports for bird strike. Huge amount of capital are spent for this event annually in respect of aircraft structure damages. Although bird in comparison with aircraft has very less weight, the speed of aircraft is very high that imposes a high force. The combination of velocity and mass causes the proportion of damage in an accident that called Kinetic Energy. Therefore a huge damage on the structure of aircrafts is caused by the combination of the speed and high force by bird strike. So far the current ways to prevent or reduce this event is costly. Moreover, it is impossible to avoid these accidents completely. Many useful methods have been applied that all based on physiological orientation such as bird monitoring, bird avoidance models, real time bird strike warning system and frightening techniques. However, all of these methods face with a severe problem,...
Lakshya Vaibhav Datta and Ugur Guven

Introduction to Space Debris: Challenges and Removal Techniques
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Especially with advents in space technology, space debris removal has become more important then ever. There can be several methods of removal of space debris. One of the viable options available is taking proper precautions in satellites and objects being sent up in to space, such that they can use their own systems in order to return back to Earth upon completion of their missions or burn up in the Earth’s atmosphere and hence not pose a threat to future space missions. The main problem in the mission to rid the planet's boundary of unwanted debris particles lies in the removal of those particles and objects which do not have the capability of using their own systems to return to Earth or get burnt up in the Earth’s atmosphere in a short duration of time. Old rocket shells, satellite components and fragments, make up only a small part of nearly 16,000 space debris particles larger than 10 centimeters being constantly monitored by NASA. This book discusses ways of removing those...
T. Nishanth and M. K. Satheesh Kumar

An Introduction to Chemistry of Trace Gases over Kannur,India
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This book describes the continuous observation of prominent trace gases O3, and its precursors like NO, NO2, NOx, CH4 and Total NMHCs that significantly influence the air quality over Kannur, a coastal region in South India. Ozone being a prominent greenhouse gas, it plays a vital role in modifying the chemistry of the atmosphere by which it induces climate changes. Further, this highlights abrupt variations of O3, and NOx in the context of varying meteorological parameters during the annular solar eclipse on 15th January 2010. Likewise, air pollution formed out of the coordinated fireworks episode during festival seasons at Kannur is extensively discussed. The classification of hazardous organic emission during intense nighttime fireworks throws light on the nighttime chemistrythat influences the dynamics of the atmosphere.
Igor Gaissinski and Josef Stricker

Computational methods to optimize Supersonic Nozzles
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The book is devoted to calculation methods of a converging-diverging nozzle used in propulsion and the high velocity flow. The algorithms and programs given in the book are intended to help engineers and students to design and calculate the nozzle parameters to provide optimal parameters for compressible supersonic flows. The present monograph is a tutorial (handbook) to calculate and determine the optimal parameters for converging-diverging nozzles provided supersonic flow. The main program consists from three main parts: programs for calculation the profile of the Contraction zone, EOD code for the flow in the Contraction zone, the program Rott-Crabtree for calculation the pressure gradient Pohlhausen parameter, the program for the aerodynamic design of axisymmetric and two-dimensional nozzles for supersonic and hypersonic wind tunnels, programs for solving laminar, transitional, or turbulent compressible boundary layer equations for two-dimensional and axisymmetric flow, and the...
Shailendra Kumar Shukla and Prachi Rai

Desiccant Cooling System-Performance Studies and Applications
Цена: 3572.00 р.

With the drastically change in climatic conditions in recent years, demand for air conditioning is spreading all over the world. This causes a primary consumption of energy in high quantity. In order to provide the best indoor air quality and thermal comfort with minimum consumption of energy, the hybrid desiccant cooling system is one of the options in our daily life. This work presents results of experimental and simulation study of a hybrid desiccant cooling system for air conditioning applications using two different desiccants (Lithium chloride and Calcium Chloride).
Noaman Mohammad Noaman

Effective Energy Management for MRAAM Using PICM
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A midcourse guidance law based on minimum flight time optimal control formulation is developed based on singular perturbation technique (SPT). Singular perturbation techniques are used to simplify the optimal control problem. The resulting near-optimal control problem does not require the solution of any TPBVP. The guidance law, which is obtained through application of SPT on the optimal control problem, is tested using five degree-of-freedom (5 DOF) mathematical model of an air-to-air missile. The concept of minimum flight time and conserved energy during the terminal part of flight is studied for Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile (MRAAM) through the interception problem against non-maneuvering target by controlling the thrust magnitude and the burning time for the booster and sustainer missile motors. It can be noted that the missile performance using the technique of pulse ignition control motor (PICM) through the guidance gives much improvement over the boost-sustain missile motor.
Emerson Andrade dos Santos,Wilton Fernandes Alves and Cristiane Aparecida Martins

A Test Bench for Study of Liquid Rocket Engines
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The present book is the result of two master?s works about liquid propulsion. These works were developed at the Technological Institute of Aeronautics (ITA) in collaboration with the Institute of Aeronautics and Space (IAE). The main focus of the book is the development of an experimental educational tool which can be used in the formation of graduate students, training of personnel of the Institute of Aeronautics and Space (IAE) and also in research on liquid rocket engines. Covered topics include liquid rocket engine fundamentals, design and calculation of liquid rocket engines, methodology of laboratory work, development of test stand installation, measurement systems and uncertainty measures, control and data acquisition system and program development methodology. Audience for which the book was written: professionals and students involved in space technology, including researchers, engineers, designers and managers.
Zahra Tabesh and Ali Rezvani

Development Of Ultrasonic Bird Control Device
Цена: 3572.00 р.

Over the years, aviation has faced with massive and serious threats of birds as a hazard on the airfield and environment surrounded to aircraft safety throughout the world. Approximately 75% of all bird strikes reported for civil airplanes and happened near the airports. There are several manufacturers of birds controls worldwide that produce various kinds of bird deterrent systems such as sonic and ultrasonic devices. The objectives of these manufacturers are to assist potential users included all branches of the military, airfield managers, biologists, pest control/ maintenance employees, government agencies. Most of the devices face with a severe problem, which is bird desensitization. After a period of time, the birds will become desensitize and immune to the techniques. In this work, the new design of bird repellent device is presented to help in mitigating the bird strike.
K. M. Praseed,T. Nishanth and M. K. Satheesh Kumar

An Introduction to the Physics of Aerosols over Kannur, India
Цена: 6287.00 р.

This book focuses on the optical properties of atmospheric aerosols, their diurnal and seasonal variations that have been observed at Kannur (11.9oN, 75.4oE, 5 m ASL). This work has been carried out with the ground based measurements by using a sun photometer. Measurement of aerosol mass loading and chemical analysis for identifying and quantifying various inorganic chemical species gives more insight to formulate a model suited for this region. The results were quite positive in climate models to study the impact of aerosols on the atmospheric radiation balance. The results of the chemical analysis conducted for aerosols of size ...
Aerobic biodegradation kinetics of solid organic wastes
Javier Christian Ramirez Perez

Aerobic biodegradation kinetics of solid organic wastes
Цена: 7740.00 р.

One of the major goals of NASA’s Advanced Life Support (ALS) is to evaluate the feasibility of using crop plants in Bioregenerative Life Support System (BLSS) for providing food oxygen carbon dioxide removal, water purification and water recycling to support long space missions such as Lunar or Mars base. This work based on all the experience done on aerobic biodegradation kinetics of organic solid wastes on earth have demonstrated that biodegradation of organic solid wastes generated in long space mission scenarios is a technological alternative for recycling and recovery these wastes-inedible crop residues and other wastes- in a cost effective manner. The product is of high quality, it is enriched in nutrients and organic material ready to use as a solid plant growth material alone, mixed with extraterrestrial regolith, or as liquid after leaching with water for hydroponic plant growth, both to support any regenerative life support system in space.
Design and simulation of a control system for helicopter slung loads
Jayanth Krishnamurthi

Design and simulation of a control system for helicopter slung loads
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A control design method to address low-speed stability and handling qualities issues of helicopter slung load operations is presented. A simple model was developed using first principle physics with application of basic control techniques to understand the couple dynamics. Subsequently, a non-linear slung load model was developed and integrated with the GenHel-PSU simulation of the UH-60A. Linear model frequency responses were verified against AFDD OVERCAST models and flight data. A control architecture based on dynamic inversion was developed, combining fuselage and load state feedback. Slung load states were incorporated in feedback linearization and lagged cable angle feedback was introduced. A controller that uses only lagged cable angle feedback (and no load states in feedback linearization) was also investigated. Sensitivity to load parameter variations and optimization methodologies were considered in aiding the design process. The controller and its variations demonstrated key...
Optimal tracking solutions applied to unmanned aerial vehicles
Peter Bauer

Optimal tracking solutions applied to unmanned aerial vehicles
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In microcontroller controlled systems the limited computational capacity requires simple control solutions meanwhile multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) controllers usually give better performance than simple single-input single-output ones. In this work simple, causal tracking solutions are studied considering MIMO linear time invariant system models with fixed gain, minimum state dimensional controllers. Causal, infinite horizon LQ optimal and LQ minimax optimal tracking controllers are developed which - as the author knows - are new solutions to the infinite horizon tracking problem. The minimax solution uses disturbance estimation and compensation as well. The application example is the control of an unmanned aerial vehicle and so, a multi-mode aircraft attitude estimator is also developed. Both of the controllers are compared to seven other control solutions in simulations and to a PID controller in real flight tests. The robustness of the developed methods is also examined....

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