Воздушный транспорт. Космонавтика

Liu Hui,Yang Yaowen and Venu Gopal Madhav Annamdas

Identification of Structural Damage Location Using Impedance Sensors
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The use of smart Lead Zirconate Titanate (PZT) patches, in structural health monitoring (SHM) has been of much research in recent years; especially in damage detection using electro-mechanical impedance (EMI) technique which is based on the coupling relationships between the PZT and the host structure. In SHM, damage severity identification and localization are of great importance. PZT has shown excellent sensitivity in structural damage identification and has been successfully applied in SHM. However, systematic investigation on damage propagation and localization is still in need. In this study, monitoring of progressive damage using a single and multiple PZT is investigated. Experiments are carried out by creating damages progressively along longitudinal and lateral axis on plates. The patterns of variations in signatures under different levels of damage are studied. Finite element analysis is also carried out using a recently developed 3D EMI model (by Venu Gopal Madhav...
Flow control through an airplane's inlet device
Andreea Cristina Petcu

Flow control through an airplane's inlet device
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The ability of controlling a flow field to obtain a desired change is of great importance. In this work I have studied air flow control through an aircraft's inlet device. To observe the effect of creating an auxiliary inlet in the side of the inlet device I’ve studied first an one-dimensional compressible flow through a pipe with variable section and with an auxiliary inlet. By varying the position of the auxiliary inlet I’ve analyzed the effect of suction/injection of fluid through this inlet upon the flow through the pipe. Further on I’ve studied the air flow through the inlet device of a supersonic aircraft at take-off conditions. In these conditions along the inlet device occur considerable total pressure losses. To reduce these losses I've created an auxiliary inlet in the side of the inlet device through which to take place an outside air injection. The purpose was to find a relationship between the medium total pressure at the compressor's entry and the opening of the...
Thomas Gionet

Structural response of a frame-membrane lunar habitat
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This research presents the structural response of an internally pressurized and regolith covered frame-membrane design. The structure is subjected to impact and thermal loading and incorporates the effects of added mass due to regolith cover and the stress stiffening from internal pressurization. The impact loading is analytically determined considering a moving projectile hitting the midpoint of a frame member. Results from static, frequency and dynamic nonlinear finite element analyses are presented. Frequency is affected by external temperature, internal pressurization and added regolith mass. Increasing external temperature increases the natural frequencies and decreasing temperature decreases the frequencies. Internal pressure increases frequencies slightly and the regolith mass drastically reduces frequency. Static analyses show the external temperature and the internal pressurization have a large effect on displacements and stresses. Dynamic results due to impact load show...
Kaushik Shandilya,Mukesh Khare and Akhilendra Gupta

Characterization of Fine Air Particles in Delhi
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Due to exponential increase in the number of vehicles registered, presence of thermal power plants and industrial activities in Delhi, the pollution levels are higher making it very clear that the pollution levels are contributed by all these sources. Hence, a study of monitoring of ambient air quality at 4 sites of Delhi city due to above-mentioned sources was carried out in order to assess the impact of various sources on pollution levels in the month of October and November 2000. Pollutants namely SO2, NOx and SPM (FSP, RSP and TSP) were monitored at 4 different locations, namely, Okhla Industrial Area Phase-1, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, and Shakarpur (residential area) and Vasant Vihar Bus Depot (commercial area). It was tried to assess a possibility of conversion of SO2 and NOx to sulfates and nitrates respectively. Chemical and physical analysis was performed for the above-mentioned purposes. Chemical analysis was performed of soil, NRSP, PM10 and PM2.5. The...
Khem Singh

Aerosol characterization over Delhi atmosphere
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Aerosols are tiny liquid or solid particles suspended in the air. They generally produced by anthropogenic and natural sources and thus differ in size and chemical composition. The size and chemical composition of the particles derived their physical and optical properties. The role of atmospheric aerosols is assuming increasingly importance because of their potential health and climate effects. This study was carried out to understand the aerosol physical and chemical properties over Delhi region, particularly the relationship between mass-size distributions, chemical composition (inorganic ions) and trace gases (SO2 and NO2). These findings are useful in understanding the role of aerosols mass and size distribution for constraining their radiative forcing properties.
Efstratios L. Ntantis

Capability Expansion of Non-Linear Gas Path Analysis
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The aim of the research is to explore the applied benefits of Gas Path Analysis (GPA) in Gas Turbine Performance Diagnostics with the main objectives of the implementation of measurement noise and leakage model on GPA analysis. Thereupon, the final outcome will be the investigation of the impact of measurement noise on performance diagnostics, the statistical analysis of the results, and the examination of GPA capabilities on leakage fault diagnostics. The analysis of the research tasks conducted with Rolls Royce Trent 500 high bypass turbo-fan engine model by using TURBOMATCH simulation code.
Kamal R. AL-Rawi

Monitoring Forest Fires From Space
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Forests represent the lung of our planet. Wildfires constitute one of the major problems facing the forest ecosystem in the world. In the last decades number of forest fires has been increased due to the increasing in the human activities and climate change. Fast alarm for forest fires is very crucial issue to prevent their spread. In this book we employed satellite images together with artificial neural networks to build a very fast alarm system for forest fire detection. The satellite NOAA-AVHRR (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration / Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer) images are used here. The TAGged Adaptive Resonance Theory ART-TAG Artificial Neural Network ANN is employed. ART-TAG is a supervised form for Compact Fuzzy ART. Burned Area Mapping System (BAMS) and Fire Detection System (FDS) have been built. Integrated Fire Evolution Monitoring System (IFEMS) has been constructed by integrating BAMS and FDS. IFEMS has the ability to distinguish burned area,...
Ugur Kayasal

Transfer Alignment for Inertial Navigation Systems
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Transfer alignment is the process of initialization of a guided munition’s inertial navigation system with the aid of the carrier platform’s navigation system. One important problem in transfer alignment is the attitude uncertainty of lever arm between munition’s and carrier’s navigation systems. In order to have a rapid transfer alignment, attitude data should be included in transfer alignment with proper handling of lever arm uncertainty. Modeling and compensation of vibration induced inertial sensor errors should also be done in rapid transfer alignment The purpose of this book is to compensate the errors arising from the dynamics of the platform, lever arm, mechanical vibration effects and inertial sensor error amplification, thus designing a transfer alignment algorithm under real environment conditions. The algorithm design begins with observability analysis, which is not done in detail for transfer alignment in literature. In order to make proper compensations,...
Salman Ahmad

Hamiltonian Stability Analysis and Chaos
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In this book, Hamiltonian dynamics is used to control the fuel slosh inside the spacecraft tank. Casimir functions are used for proposed models. Conditions for the stability and instability of moving mass are derived using Lyapunov theory. Equivalent mechanical models of simple pendulum and spring mass for sloshing are used for the stability analysis. Simulation work is presented to strengthen the derived results and to distribute the stable and unstable regions graphically. Nonlinear behavior is discussed by using bifurcation diagram and time history maps. Moreover, influence of boundaries on sloshing is also being discussed. A brief introduction to the partial slip boundaries is explained by using a model with slip length parameter. Simulation results are presented to show the impact of such boundaries on steady fluid flow height.
Vivek V. Kumar

Effect Of Micro-vortex Generator In Hypersonic Inlet
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The recent advances in aerospace vehicle technology demands the best possible propulsive balance to provide better thrust and minimum drag. Air-breathing engines are the best choice for the propulsion due to its minimum weight. The efficiency of such engines depend upon the quality of air entering for combustion. This book provides complete flow analysis of both pure inline-compression and mixed-compression inlets. Two dimensional simulations were carried out with SST k-? model using FLUENT. The boundary layer formed inner side of the engine had an adverse pressure gradient on the ramp producing a boundary layer separation. Due to this the boundary layer thickens and the static pressure starts to decrease whose effect leads till the trailing edge of inlet. Small wedge shaped Micro-Vortex Generator (MVG) inside the inlet smoothen the generated shock-boundary layers and thereby an efficient compression is obtained . The analysis should help shed some light on hypersonic inlet design...
Chinmay Sapre

Turbine Blade Erosion and the Use of Wind Protection Tape
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The aerodynamic performance of wind turbine airfoils with leading edge erosion was investigated in this research. The tests were conducted on DU 96-W-180 wind turbine airfoil at three Reynolds numbers between 1 and 1.85 million and angles of attack spanning the low drag range of the airfoil. The airfoil was tested with simulated leading edge erosion by varying the type and severity of the erosion to determine the loss in performance for the different cases. As a method of leading edge protection of wind turbine blades, the impact of an experimental wind protection tape on the aerodynamic performance of the DU 96-W-180 airfoil was also investigated. The tape was wrapped around the leading edge of the airfoil with different chordwise extents on the upper and lower surfaces. For the taped airfoil cases, the tests were carried out at the same three Reynolds numbers between 1 and 1.85 million, as used for the erosion models. The ultimate aim was to make a comparison between the performance...
Ranganadhan Voona

Enhancing the aerodynamic performance of stepped airfoils
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The objective of this research was to investigate the lift and drag characteristics of a stepped airfoil with backward facing steps; apply active flow control technique to enhance the aerodynamic performance of stepped airfoils and examine the possibility of using such airfoils on UAVs. A step was introduced at mid-chord, with a depth of 50% of the airfoil thickness at mid-chord position extending till the trailing edge of a NACA 4415 airfoil. Computational studies were conducted with the use of passive flow control constituting the activation of step and active flow control with the use of air injecting jets placed in the step cavity of the NACA 4415 airfoil with a goal of enhancing the aerodynamic performance. The jet angle and jet momentum coefficient were varied independently to identify the best setting for optimizing the aerodynamic performance of the stepped airfoil. Experimental studies of a scaled wing model with the same airfoil were conducted in a wind tunnel for a range of...
Mrinal Kaushik

Innovative Passive Control Techniques for Supersonic Jet Mixing
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The control of high-speed jets has become a fascinating research area because of its wide range of applications beginning from household appliances to rocket science. Among these, the passive control technique has become a prominent research field due to its obvious advantages. The various passive controls techniques for gaining aerodynamic as well as aeroacoustics benefits have been discussed at a length in this monogram. The book will prove to be very useful for those who are pursuing research and/or design activities in this field.
Yitong Jiang

Identifying the Application of Sewage Sludge
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Application of sewage sludge to agricultural fields is used by farmers to improve the soil conditions physically, chemically, and organically. However, the application has potential risk to public health and the environment, because the heavy metals, nutrients, and pathogens may be included in sewage sludge. The location of all applications of sewage sludge is not known because some records of application are missing. Remote sensing technology has been shown to be an effective way to detect surface application of soil amendment on agricultural fields for different times of the year over large areas. The main objective of this study is to determine if Landsat TM data can be used to identify the harvested agricultural fields that have had sewage sludge applied through injection.
Rohan M. Ganapathy,Pradhapraj Maruthaiyan and Pradeep Johnson

One Dimensional Analysis Program for Scramjet and Ramjet Flowpaths
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This book is intended for aerospace engineering students as well as professional aerospace engineers who are interested in Scramjet and Ramjet propulsion technology. Conceptual analysis are an important part of Scramjet/Ramjet propulsion technology and this book talks about the basics of Scramjet and Ramjet propulsion as well as one-dimensional analyis program. Plenty of MATLAB, Fortran, CFD analysis and thermodynamic analysis is also provided for the student/engineers. This book is a must for any aerospace engineer who wants an introductory material for Scramjet and Ramjet propulsion along with analysis program. Rohan M Ganapathy, Prof. Pradhapraj and Prof. Pradeep Johnson discuss the various scenarios for Scramjet propulsion and flowpath analysis program in this book.

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