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Noxolo Doris Tshambuluka,Pierre Mugabo and Ivan Green

Cardiovascular effects of Leonotis Leonurus in anesthesized rats
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This study evaluates the hypotensive properties and the mechanism of action of the aqueous leaf extract of Leonotis Leonurus in anesthetized male Wistar rats, using computerized blood pressure recording system. The effect of aqueous leaf extract of L. leonurus on the blood pressure was investigated by infusing intravenous doses of 200 mg/kg to 1g/kg into anesthetized rats. Its underlying blood pressure lowering mechanism was also studied by challenging the parasympathetic, sympathetic and muscarinic systems of anesthetized rats by pretreating with, dobutamine, atenolol, and atropine. Pretreating the animals with reserpine and L. leonurus was also employed in order to challenge the adrenal system of rats. The results showed that the aqueous leaf extract of Leonotis leonurus produces a dose dependent fall in the systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure and heart rate of the rats. This effect on heart rate may suggest the involvement of ?- adrenergic receptors...
Ramjan Shaik and Shobha Rani R hiremath

Population Pharmacokinetics of Phenytoin in Epileptic Patients
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Phenytoin exhibits non-linear pharmacokinetics, narrow therapeutic index, marked inter-individual variations and causes wide variety of adverse effects which warrants the need for monitoring. The present study was taken up to monitor serum concentrations and to carry out preliminary pharmacokinetic modelling. HPLC method was standardized to estimate the serum concentration of phenytoin. Blood samples were withdrawn from the patients after the steady state has been reached. In the study period of 8 months, 20 patients were enrolled out of whom, 10 patients received oral phenytoin whereas 10 were given IV infusion. It was observed that there were a lot of variations in the PHT serum concentrations in different patients with peak values ranging from 5.11 to 80.59 µg/ml and trough concentrations ranging from 1.06 to 92.10 µg/ml. However seizure was well controlled in all the patients with no major toxicities observed. Preliminary population pharmacokinetic modelling...
Ms. Dipti Joshi,Dr. Kala Suhas Kulkarni and Dr. Kishori Apte

Oroxylum indicum
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Hepatocellular Carcinoma represents about 4% of all malignancies worldwide. A number of chemopreventive phytochemicals have been identified which react with prooxidants and prevent damages to DNA thereby preventing the onset of various diseases. Thioacetamide, a model hepatotoxicant, undergoes metabolic activation to form thioacetamide sulfoxide and further metabolized to form thioacetamide-S,S,- oxide thus initiating hepatocellular necrosis and further hepatocarcinogenesis. Thioacetamide thus produces oxidative stress on liver and causes hepatocellular carcinoma. This oxidative stress can be reversed by the use of antioxidants. Thus, the aim of this work was to evaluate the anticancer activity of hydroalcoholic extract prepared from Oroxylum indicum, correlating the biochemical and histological changes in thioacetamide induced hepatocellular carcinoma in female Sprague Dawley rats. This research work should help shed some light on cancer research and experimental...
PRAFULLA KUMAR SAHU and M. Mathrusri Annapurna

Analytical Method development by Liquid Chromatography
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Analytical methods development and validation play important roles in the discovery, development, and manufacture of pharmaceuticals. The current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) and Food Drug Administration (FDA) Guidelines insist for adoption of sound methods of analysis with greater sensitivity and reproducibility. This thesis describes analytical methods developed for drug determination in pharmaceutical dosage forms and biological matrixes including Chromatography (RP-HPLC) and Hyphenated Techniques (LC-MS/MS). Methods have been developed for separation and quantification of selected drugs from categories like Antihypertensive, Antihyperlipidemic, Skeletal Muscle Relaxant, Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drug (NSAID), Antibiotic, Anticonvulsant, Antiviral, and Analeptic.
Charles Mugera

Ventricular fibrillation: novel insights into pharmacology and mechanisms
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Sudden cardiac death (SCD) claims 100,000 lives in the UK and over 400,000 in the USA. In humans the spatial and temporal patterns of VF are poorly characterised. However,if VF is phase dependant like it is in animal models,then phase 2 VF would account for 87 % of VF related sudden cardiac deaths in humans. This would explain why most deaths (50-80 %) in the clinical setting occur within the first hours of the onset of myocardial ischemia. In every animal model examined to date ventricular fibrillation exhibits 2 phases. The acute phase of VF, Phase 1 VF, occurs early in the first 30 minutes of ischaemia and the late phase of VF, defined as phase 2 VF, occurs when irreversible myocardial necrosis sets in after more than 90 min of ischaemia. In animal models the second phase is by far the most lethal phase. Ironically,the pathophysiological mechanisms underlying phase 2 VF are poorly understood and it remains a neglected therapeutic target. There is an ever-growing...

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Over the last 100 years, industrial activities have introduced a vast array of new chemicals into the home and environment and have greatly increased the possibility of toxic exposures in the general population. At present, more than 65,000 chemicals are commercially used by industry, including some 3,350 pesticides, 8,627 food additives, 1,815 pharmaceuticals, and 3,410 cosmetic ingredients (Lave, 1987; U.S. Congress, 1990). The immediate effects of these chemicals can be observed in the flora and fauna and on human health. Long-term effects lead to alterations in genetic and somatic components of cells. Chloroacetic acid is used in research and development laboratories, in medical and surgical hospitals and in chemical and pharmaceutical preparations. It is also used in fabric mills, in communication equipment (television, radio, telegraph) and in automotive stamping (NIOSH, 1990). Because of their widespread occurrence, toxicity to plants and aquatic organisms,...
Leila Hosseinzadeh,. Gh.Karimi and . J.Behravan

Curcumin and Doxorubicin
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Doxorubicin (DOX) is a widely used chemotherapy agent. The major adverse effect of DOX treatment incancer patients is the onset of cardiomyopathy and heart failure. Reactive oxygen species (ROS) are proposedto be responsible for DOX cardiotoxicity. Curcumin, a natural compound extracted from CurcumaLonga L., is known for its anti-oxidant properties. It has been identified as increased apoptosis in severalcancer cell lines in combination with doxorubicin, but there are few studies about the effect of curcuminand doxorubicin on normal cardiac cells. In this book we evaluated molecular mechanisms involved in the effect of Curcumin on apoptosis induced bydoxorubicin in rat cardiomyocytes (H9c2).
Mirola Afroze and Dr. Abdul Ghani

Anti-Diabetes Herbal Medicine
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Use of Herbal medicines is the oldest form of healthcare practice on earth. They have long been used to cure all kinds of diseases including Diabetes, which is now a predominant public health concern that has grown steadily all over the world. Several allopathic and herbal drugs are in current use for treatment of diabetes, but its management still suffers from major limitations. Recently, Hamdard Laboratories Bangladesh developed a new anti-diabetes formulation. This book, authored by Mirola Afroze and Dr. Abdul Ghani, describes some experimental methods and procedures they used for evaluating the quality, efficacy, safety and anti-oxidant, analgesic and hypoglycemic properties of the anti-diabetes herbal formulation of Hamdard. It also includes articles on the past and present status of herbal medicine, extent of global use of herbal medicine and different aspects of Diabetes and reviews on the phytochemical constituents and pharmacological properties of the major plant components...
Pulak Majumder

Taxo-cognostic,Phyto-physicochemical & Biological screening of a plant
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There are a number of plants which are used traditionally and by the tribal people which have not been validated or not been evaluated keeping the traditional claim in mind. Such agents available in traditional system of medicine (TSM) should not disappear from use before they can be fully assessed. Most of the pharmacological reports of plant extracts screens the organic soluble extracts of the dried plant material for their efficiency as anthelmintic in Indian worms, whereas the most traditional claims of the plants as anthelmintic agents involves application of fresh plants as pastes in water which is a major draw back in traditional system of medicine as which phytoconstituents are responsible for biological activity are not investigated and hence not scientifically proven. The various root extracts of Z. oenoplia promote remarkable anthelmintic activity and hence may be suggested for treating various types of worms in human beings. Z. oenoplia plants are abundantly available...
Firoz Momin,Nilofar Naikwade and Tabassum Shikalgar

Cardioprotective Effect of Combination of Enalapril and Fenofibrate
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Doxorubicin (Adriamycin) is a well known anticancer drug used to cause cardiac damage in rats. In this book, combination of Enalapril and fenofibrate were assessed for cardioprotective effect. Parameters evaluated were ECG, blood pressure, serum markers viz. LDH, CK-MB, SGPT, SGOT, ALP, serum urea and serum creatinine. Tissue antioxidant markers viz. CAT and SOD, lipid peroxidation (MDA) for heart, liver and kidney and histopathological study of heart, liver and kidney. Parameters such as body weight, organ weight (heart, liver and kidney) and organ/body weight ratio were also evaluated.
Syed Wasif Gillani,Prof. Dr. Syed Azhar Syed Sulaiman and Mrs. Yelly Oktavia Sari

Community care: Patient in-Home Care Plan (PHCP)
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Patient In-Home Care Program is inspired by the increased incidence of adverse drug reporting or non-compliance factors related to patient-related behavior. Patient is willing to get treatment but the problem lies beyond the drug therapy, its somehow inside the attitudinal practice of the patient. With this problem and clinical practice we aim to fulfill the theory of "Self-doctor". Chronic or live long diseases like; Diabetes mellitus, Hypertension etc.. needs a continuous and consistent management procedure and thus impact on the economic status of patient. through this program we hope to reduce the patient cost and ensure the beneficial patient related therapeutic outcomes. In this book vital information regarding the patient behavioral modification to ensure therapeutic compliance, is given to use for the betterment of Human race.
Tamilvanan Shunmugaperumal,Ramona Khanum and Kavitha Mohandas

Excipients used in the design of lipidic and polymeric microspheres
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Microspheres made from lipids and polymers provide an interesting opportunity for use as drug delivery vehicles for numerous therapeutics that can range in size from small molecules to macromolecules like peptide/protein. In addition, cationization on the lipid-based microsphere systems has tremendous application for drug absorption enhancement and for ‘ferrying’ compounds across cell membranes. Surely excipients play an important role not only to make an acceptable microsphere product but also to minimize/prevent the degradation of the incorporated drug molecules. Special emphasis is being given particularly on various instability problems and investigated mechanistic ways to obviate the possible instability problems of peptide/protein drug during microsphere preparation as well as its release from the microspheres. This book surveys a comprehensive list of published examples of excipients relevant to currently or previously marketed drugs. With this coverage, this book enlists a...
Natarajan Jawahar

Design and Evaluation of PLGA-Nanoparticles Containing Carvedilol
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Nanotechnology by manipulation of characteristics of materials such as polymers and fabrication of nanostructures is able to provide superior drug delivery systems for better management and treatment of diseases.The nanostrctures employed as drug delivery systems have multiple advantages which make them the superior to conventional delivery systems. This book provides the formulation of carvedilol nanoparticles using nanoprecipitation technique and it's phsicoo-chemical characterization and invivo biodistribution studies.
Ginpreet Kaur and Meena Chintamaneni

"Curcumin: A potential drug candidate"
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The questions of whether medicines discovered today are safer, more efficacious, and more affordable than generic medicines or medicines that are centuries old could be answered “no” for most of the modern medicines. If so, then it is logical to revisit and revive these age-old medicines for the welfare of mankind.Curcumin is an important nutraceutical obtained from the root of the plant Curcuma longa Linn (family Zingiberaceae), is a perennial herb that has enormous potential for a variety of diseases, higher safety margin than the synthetic drugs and is cost effectiveness. Despite having wide spectrum of pharmacological actions, the medicinal properties of curcumin cannot be utilized due to its low in vivo bioavailability. Therefore in view of the foregoing, there is an extensive need for such combinatorial extracts which may enhance bioavailability of oral curcumin by inhibiting the enzymes responsible for the metabolism of curcumin. In the present investigation, Safety and...
Swapnil Satish Khadke and Swapnil D. Mahajan

Handbook of Acute Oral Toxicity Testing Method
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The purposes of acute toxicity testing are to obtain information on the biologic activity of a chemical and gain insight into its mechanism of action. The information on acute systemic toxicity generated by the test is used in hazard identification and risk management in the context of production, handling, and use of chemicals. For a classical LD50 study, laboratory mice and rats are the species typically selected. This book gives a short review of methods for acute toxicity testing with the emphasis on the Up and Down Method as per OECD Guidelines 425. Furthermore, this book consist of one research work on acute oral toxicity studies performed by authors.

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