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Sharon Duister

Fashion Tourism Amsterdam, a rising fashion city?
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Fashion tourism is a growing phenomenon worldwide. The link between fashion and tourism might not be so obvious and easy at first glance. However, the fact that the relation between these two phenomena is becoming tighter is recognized by both industries. More destinations recognize the positive influence fashion can have on tourism development. This is particularly noticeable in the fact that an increasing amount of destinations are choosing fashion as one of the core tourism products in their city marketing strategy. Emphasizing on the fashion attributes a destination possesses and translating this into the branding strategy of a destination is a way of attracting tourists by means of fashion. Attracted by this strategy are people who want to explore fashion in another part of the world either for leisure or business purposes. This research is focused on the case of Amsterdam as Fashion City. Amsterdam recognizes the importance of the creative industries for the...
Sakir Sorun,Habib Alipour and Oytun Sozudogru

The Effects of Non-Recognition and Its Implication on Sport Tourism
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The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), is a de facto independent republic located in the north of Cyprus. The TRNC declared its independence in 1983.The partition of the Island occurred in 1974 and the Island divided into the north (the Turkish part) and the south (the Greek part). Hence, the Turkish established their government in the north, however, it is has not received an international recognition. Turkey is the only country which North Cyprus has collaborations diplomatically. As the island's main economic activity revolves around ‘tourism', lack of recognition and various sanctions have curtailed the sector to experience various forms of hardships.The growth of interest in alternative forms of tourism worldwide presents an opportunity for development to take place even where political problems exist; however, the assumption is that the present political condition is not allowing the north to capitalize and utilize its tourism potentials-namely ‘sport tourism'. The...
David Aspinall

Effects of GAKIC and L-arginine supplementation on anaerobic exercise
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The supplementation of GAKIC prior to intense anaerobic exercise has been proven successful in experiments conducted by Stevens et al. (2000) and Buford and Koch (2004) to improve peak power as well as Fatigue Resistance Index (Kaminski et al. 2000) in the study by Stevens et al. (2000). The Fatigue Resistance Index protocol, created by Kaminski et al (2000) effectively measures dynamic changes in muscle force production under anaerobic conditions. However, individual components of GAKIC have yet to be tested on high-intensity anaerobic exercise performance along with GAKIC itself, and also specifically in football players. Subsequently, the study will highlight the effects that the individual amino acids constituting to the makeup of GAKIC have on certain modes of exercise with specific reference taken with L-arginine and GAKIC as they are the main focus. Furthermore, the reliability and validity of the repeated anaerobic sprint test (RAST) will be reviewed and reasons for its...
Meeghan Ford

Evaluation of the NACWAA/HERS Institute for Administrative Advancement
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The National Association of Collegiate Women Athletics Administrators (NACWAA) and the Higher Education Resource Services (HERS) organizations united 15 years ago to create a leadership and management development program for women in college athletics administration (HERS History, 2009). The groups founded what is now known as the Institute for Administrative Advancement (IAA). Several studies of career paths of female athletic administrators have focused on successful leadership factors in college athletics and the tactics for professional advancement (Acosta & Carpenter, 2009). However, there is limited information about leadership-development training initiatives for female athletic administrators. This study’s purpose was to determine the background characteristics of female athletics administrator who enrolled in the IAA program, and in addition, examine IAA graduates’ perceptions of the IAA goals and curricular components.
George Jennings

Shared Cultivation: Transformation Through the Chinese Martial Arts
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This book examines the experiences of long-term practitioners of Chinese martial arts in Britain. From an eclectic theoretical perspective martial arts researcher George Jennings explores two popular styles, Wing Chun Kung Fu and Taijiquan (Tai Chi) through ethnography, life histories and autoethnography, by drawing upon his own life story. He demonstrates that no matter if you are a 'fighter' or a 'thinker', martial arts are never an individual pursuit as there are issues of shared cultivation that bind practitioners' experiences and allow the art to be transmitted to the next 'generation' of practitioners and to contribute to wider society. This book will appeal to martial artists, students and practitioners of sociology, anthropology and social psychology and anyone interested in how people can change through the long-term devotion to a sport or physical culture.
John Stidman

Statistical Factors Associated With Success Among NBA Teams 2004
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How can we explain why professional basketball teams win? Is it the coach, the players, or just the numbers? This research project was intended to answer these 2 questions: 1. In the 2004 NBA season, what was the relationship between winning percentage and 11 statistical factors: field goal percentage, team defense, three point percentage, scoring per game, free-throw percentage, steals per game, turnovers per game, blocks per game, offensive and defensive rebound margin, and total rebound margin? 2. Which of the statistical factors examined in the study was the most influential in determining winning percentage in 2004? Basketball is becoming more of a science. This subjective information on coaching decision and knowledge has turned to descriptive data for answers to why teams win. This study provides information that will be valuable to coaches, basketball analysts, and other consumers of the game.
Cassandra LoVoi

The Queen Protects The King
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Susan Clark is a bartender by day and a ‘detective’ by night. Beautiful, charming and witty, the former basketball star at Stanford now servers the city of Sacramento liquor. But the city serves her an even stiffer ‘drink’ than she serves the when a man drunk off martinis a la ‘007’ proclaims danger for every playoff-bound Sacramento Kings player. With the help of basketball star, Adam ‘Double A’ Anderson, the ‘energizer’ and sixth man of the Kings, Susan goes on a ‘mission’ to uncover the identity of ‘007’ and save the lives and playoff run for the Kings. But their sleuthing uncovers a far darker truth behind the NBA’s agenda. Will detective Susan move and her trusty side kick be in time to move the pieces to protect the league or will an industry riddled with secrets prevail…
Anupam Verma,Amarjeet Singh and Vijay Lakshmi Sharma

Quality Assessment of Gymnasia in Chandigarh
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Background: Healthy people generally have a positive attitude toward fitness. Fitness is an integral part of life, something that is scheduled, prioritized and lived out. The use of fitness centers and gymnasia for keeping fit has diverse applications. Moderate to high intensity exercise training is known to ameliorate the coronary risk factors in relation to an improvement in body composition. Methods: To examine the trend of use of gymnasia use and fitness activities, this cross sectional study was conducted from March 2010 to May 2010 in 50 randomly selected gyms in and around Chandigarh. Satisfaction of clients was also ascertained during the interview. Results: Overall, 50 gyms, 130 trainer and 260 users were studied. Only 72% gyms were registered. Most of the gym members were male. Only 9 % of them came for reducing weight. Most of the gyms had no equipment for cardio and aerobics. Majority of the gyms did not maintain their first aid kit and very less kept any record or did...
Issah Kweyu

Islam and sports participation
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Religion and sports complement each other.Many rituals take a format of physical activities only to achieve spiritual goals.More than before religion and sports remain powerful forces whose combination has the answer to world problems. there are many references in both Qur'an and Hadith that emphasize the importance of physical activities on condition that they don't hamper religious obligations.the dual nature of man can be served by 'religious sports'
Saeed Javed,Abida Saeed and Waheed Javed

Sports Medicine
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This book is a unique study for the athletes and deals with sports injuries and their rehabilitation. A specific chapter indicates the nutrition needs and energy sources. Although doping intake has a negative impression on today sports, also discussed with its prevention.
Karima Dorney

Health, Appearance and Fitness Practices
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Fitness practices related to diet and exercise are culturally linked to both appearance and health and tend to focus more on changing or maintaining the outside of body (appearance) rather than the inside (health).Young Canadian women are inundated with messages from both the public and private sectors about the imperative to be healthy. Many of these messages suggest that getting healthy will change our lives for the better. Four university-educated, middle class, white women; the demographic which is most marketed to by the fitness industry were recruited to take part in a study about how they understand their fitness practices. The data arising from the group shifted the project’s focus from “fitness” toward broader questions about what it means to be “healthy” in today’s culture. In the context of pervasive neoliberal notions of health, my analysis explores some lines of intersection between social class and fitness/health as they relate to discourses of physical and healthism ...
Influences on Female Participation in Sport and Physical Education
Zoe Bennett

Influences on Female Participation in Sport and Physical Education
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Evidence suggests that there is a crisis in female participation in sport and physical activity. The Department of Health distinguish that only 19% of females take part in physical activity for the recommended weekly amounts. As this paper will show, this lack of participation is due to a range of factors from government, parents, friends, media and the females themselves. The study was conducted in a secondary school in Plymouth with years 10 and 11 females. 30 females were questioned with the use of questionnaires and then further follow up interviews were conducted with students, teachers and parents. The results revealed that despite the literature, many females were not influenced by their friends with regards to participation. The media, time and parents were highlighted as an important factor to increasing participation with the government and current strategies being outlined as a problem for some schools to incorporate. These issues created a basis as to why female...
Mechanical power output during cycling
Alfred Nimmerichter

Mechanical power output during cycling
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One of the most meaningful technical innovations in cycling over the past two decades was the development of mobile power-meters. With the ability to measure the physical strain under “real world” outdoor conditions, the knowledge of the demand of this sport has improved enormously. Power output has been described as the most direct measure of intensity during cycling and consequently power-meters becomes a popular tool to monitor the training and racing of cyclists. Also, the number of studies that have used this technology to describe the competitive demands of different cycling disciplines increased over the years. However, only limited research data are available on the utilization of power-meters for performance assessment in the field or the analysis of training data. This book aims to highlight the possibilities of power-meters for performance assessment in the field, to provide an extensive insight into the longitudinal training strategies of world-class cyclists and to show...
Alexander Bendiksen

Цена: 4747.00 р.

'Self-regulation is the holy grail' - Peter Hoekstra, manager of FC Groningen The document you hold in your hands is bringing a new aspect to the use of self-regulation in soccer. The experiment conducted is one of very few looking at self-regulation and its effect on overall soccer performance. In short, two elite youth soccer players are put through a thorough self-regulation training program while continuosly being evaluated on their on-field performance. The time when soccer was all about physical attributes is over. The time for introducing mental aspects, especially self-regulation is overdue in order to accelerate and better the development of youth soccer players. This book gives you valuable in depth information on self-regulation and better, how to utilize it whether you are a player, coach or parent in any sport.
Tom Page

Electronic Product Design of Sports Equipment
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This research was undertaken to investigate how and why sports products have evolved; the main reasons for their evolutionary change and the effects of these changes within the world of sport. A central difficulty will be in ensuring that every aspect of this subject is investigated to ensure that the correct areas of influence are discovered. This investigation will enable an understanding of the reasons and influences of product change within the sports industry; the direct influences and indirect issues surrounding the design of sports product development.

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