. Ramesh

De-notified Tribes in India
Цена: 7653.00 р.

After Africa India comprises a largest mass of natives (tribes) in the world. Amongst, the de-notified and nomadic tribes (DNTs) are an essential element of the Indian native’s society. Nevertheless, ethnographic research have been conducted on some of them, it is only comparatively new that they are finding a few citations in academic and non-academic discourses across India. The Government of India has Constituted National Commission for De-notified, Nomadic and Semi Nomadic tribes to shed light on various developmental issues for these Tribes. Social inclusion of the denotified communities is a very important concern of the every government. Various Governments have initiated noted social policies and programames to bring DNTs in to the main stream of the society. Originally this book is a collection of articles presented In the national conference on Denotified tribes and this book presents the social , educational and general conditions of the denotified tribes and suggests ways...
Fatih Inan

Europeanization and Civil Society in Turkey
Цена: 4747.00 р.

In this study, the past and present of Turkish civil society and the Europeanization process will be explored, and the role of the EU in influencing developments by political conditionality will be assesses and the role of civil society in internalization of Europeanization and social learning also be considered. Finally, the applicability of EU conditionality and social learning models in studying the EU impact on Turkish civil society and thus, on democracy will be attempted.
Bahram Navazeni

Iran and the Eagles
Цена: 7653.00 р.

This book deals with the Great Power Rivalry in Iran throughout the period 1921 to 1979 and the Iranian foreign policy coping with this situation. It makes a preliminary attempt to generalize the factors of this rivalry and examines three basic parameters necessary for its outbreak: the inequality of the states at the international level, the power vacuum inside Iran, and the rivals’ vital interests of oil and the strategic corridor in Iran. Exploring the Iranian foreign policy formulation in both eras of the Pahlavi kingdom, the book argues that the Shah, on top of the small oligarchy, was the actual key decision-maker and the pervasive opposition of the Iranian people, including autonomous revolts, communists, religious and democratic movements, and the Shah’s suppression of them all, made the state unstable and hence vulnerable to foreign pressures. Due to these failures, the book concludes that Iran's foreign policy in order to secure its oil resources and territorial integrity...
Reynan Calderon

Organizational Development in Perspective
Цена: 4747.00 р.

This is another theory of organizational development which can be used to assess government or public institutions to effectively and efficiently handle its efficiencies and inefficiencies; and, capabilities and inabilities. Much has been known for private and people's organization but less has been known on how government institution works in the Philippines where the concept of entropy is close to impossibility.
Екатерина Молодчая

Цена: 6587.00 р.

Процессы информатизации проникают во все сферы жизнедеятельности современного общества. Интенсивное развитие Интернет-технологий открывает новые возможности для выработки согласованной политики по преодолению политико-социальных и экономических кризисов, а также выработке мер по их недопущению. Несмотря на это, Интернет в своем современном состоянии способен выступать потенциальным источником различных кризисных ситуаций, также может усиливать их. Исследование проблем кибертерроризма обусловлено необходимостью осмысления сущности и содержания нового вида терроризма. Недостаточная разработанность в мировой и национальной практике действенных социально-политических и правовых механизмов разрешения конфликтов, детонатором которых является кибертерроризм, обуславливают необходимость концептуального осмысления этого феномена, выработки новых подходов к анализу сущности и содержания кибертерроризма, поиску и обоснованию путей его минимизации, осмыслению места государства и гражданского...
How To Make The 21st Century The Century Of African Economic Rebirth
Ashford Chea

How To Make The 21st Century The Century Of African Economic Rebirth
Цена: 7653.00 р.

The book is divided in two parts. The first analyzes macro-issues and government policies. It begins with analyzing the effects of the global financial crisis of 2008 on Sub-Saharan African economies. It also looks at global private capital flows for development finance in Sub-Saharan Africa with focus on best performing economies. This is followed by a review of the sources of global private capital and implications for Sub-Saharan Africa. Moreover, the financial sector and capital account liberalization in economic development in Sub-Saharan Africa are discussed. Finally, strategies to market Sub-Saharan African economies and create wealth are outlined. The Second section of the book focuses on micro-issues such as individuals and firms and their role in economic development. It starts with an analysis of self-management and personal leadership of highly effective people and implications for political and business leaders in Sub-Saharan Africa. Also discussed are the role of...
Caroline Covell

Public Sector Financial & Accounting Management
Цена: 7653.00 р.

Countries are going bankrupt and fall into poverty because they generalize and equalize the financial and accounting system and management to those of the private sector. This has resulted in a dysfunction public sector financial management. They fail to understand that public sector and private sector are different in every aspect. Countries are also going bankrupt because lack of knowledge about the unique characteristics and principles of public finance and its accounting system and they fail to relate these characteristics and principles to the roles and functions of the government. Indeed the unique characteristics and principles of public sector finance and accounting system are highly related to the roles and functions of government and the norms, values and standards of the society, and the Constitution. Public sector finance and accounting system and management are highly scientific and professional in their application and cannot be equalized or generalized to those of the...
The Islamic State
Tariq Mahmood Hashmi

The Islamic State
Цена: 6587.00 р.

Amin Ahsan Islahi (1904-1997) a renowned Pakistani scholar, author of nine-volume commentary on the Holy Qur’an, Tadabbur-e Qu’ran (Urdu), addresses fundamental questions on the Islamic political system. After a brief introduction to the concept of khilafah in Islam and a description of differences between the Islamic State and the conventional states, Islahi explains the basic principles of the Islamic State. He details conspicuous characteristics of the nation founded on Islam and explains the rights of Muslim and non-Muslim citizens of the state. He concludes his discussion on a detailed analysis of the duties and obligations of the rulers and the state officials in Islam. Islahi maintains that the traditional understanding of the rights of the non-Muslim citizens in the Islamic State, the so-called dhimmis, in erroneous. He believes that the Islamic State is not required by the divine law to subject all the non-Muslims to the payment of jizyah. Islahi's thoughts in this book...
Thosaphon Chieocharnpraphan

Australian Foreign Policy under the Howard Government
Цена: 4747.00 р.

This thesis uses the concept of middle power to analyse foreign policy doctrine and practicies of Australia under the Coalition government led by John Howard from 1996-2007. A middle power in this thesis means a state which meets three main criteria when declaring foreign policy doctrine and conducting foreign policy, namely: (1) adhering to multilateral frameworks and international organisations; (2) being largely independent from great powers' influence and being able to criticise and oppose great powers on some occasions in order to maintain the orderliness of international relations; and (3) being a good international citizen in the sense that, apart from its own interests, it must also be aware of the interests of others such as protecting the environment and using its power to protect the weak against the strong. When applying these three criteria to analyse foreign policy doctrine and practices under the Howard government, some aspects and some practices corresponded with the...
Babatunde Olusola Opeibi

Good governance and civic engagement in an emerging democracy
Цена: 4747.00 р.

This monograph examines and discusses the engaging issue of good governance and civic engagement in an emerging democracy. Drawing insights from relevant academic and policy literature, it shows how discursive practices and normative principles can help to consolidate democratic governance in young and growing democracies. Using Nigeria as a case study, it demonstrates how the country strives to nurture her democracy and the place of civic engagement in stabilising democratic governance with some lessons drawn from some aspect of British democracy.
Тимур Козукулов

Проблемы борьбы с религиозным экстремизмом в Ферганской долине
Цена: 5990.00 р.

В исследовании широко использованы фактические материалы, большинство которых впервые прошли через научную апробацию. Различные источники способствовали изучению при определении общих тенденций развития политических и социально-экономических отношений в конкретных исторических условиях. Особо отмечено, что в современных политических процессах общества религиозные экстремисты пытаются постоянно воздействовать на население своей идеологией, противопоставляя ее государственной. Глубокий анализ политики и целей религиозного экстремизма дается в обобщенном систематизированном виде. Показано распространение идей религиозного экстремизма среди населения в период развития демократического государства. Особо уделен внимание общественной ситуации, когда религиозный экстремизм превратился в большую проблему. На основе новых общественных реалий ведется анализ политики независимого Кыргызстана с учетом новых тенденций борьбы с религиозным экстремизмом. А также рассмотрены роль идеологической...
Contemporary Gender And Development Issues
Elena Torres Olascoaga

Contemporary Gender And Development Issues
Цена: 7740.00 р.

"This rich and diverse collection addresses some of the most pressing challenges of our time for gender justice globally – women’s safety and security, women’s autonomy and reproductive rights, representation and subjection, resources, resistance and power. These studies offer us a unique set of entry points through which to examine the continued and pervasive challenge of achieving a more equitable world. They focus both on some of the most prominent areas of contemporary Gender and Development work, such as young women’s empowerment, violence against women, and on neglected issues, such as the implications of masculinities for women’s political participation". (Andrea Cornwall and Jerker Edstrom)
Тепляков Олег

Проблемы типологического портрета терроризма
Цена: 5715.00 р.

В монографии на основе обширного отечественного и зарубежного опыта в области борьбы с терроризмом подробно рассматривается классификация терроризма с его идеологическими особенностями и предпосылками его возникновения, раскрываются негативные процессы, связанные с этим деструктивным явлением. Книга предназначена широкому кругу читателей, который не равнодушен к событиям связанным с проявлениями терроризма.
Madhu Kumar Thapa

NGO Partnerships
Цена: 4834.00 р.

The search for alternative development agents, global orientation towards neo-liberal policies and the shift in development approaches from modernization to social and human development boiled down to rapid proliferation of Local NGOs(LNGO) in the Global-South. The entry of LNGOs shifted the role of International NGOs (INGO) from direct implementers to partners whose major responsibility was to develop the capacity of the LNGOs. After more than two decades of INGO-NGO partnerships pursuing capacity building and sustainable development, whether or not greater capacity is attained by LNGOs and whether or not greater development effectiveness and sustainability are achieved is debatable. This book considers these issues and analyses the proximity of reality with the rhetoric through a case study of NGOs in Nepal. This book should help to inform the NGO partnership debate further and should be useful particularly to NGO workers, professionals, academicians and anyone who is interested in...
Вера Трофимова

Рекрутирование политической элиты в современной России
Цена: 6587.00 р.

Работа посвящена политико-психологическому анализу процесса рекрутирования политической элиты в современной России. Ее целью является определение объективных и субъективных аспектов данного процесса. Объективная сторона рекрутирования связана, прежде всего, с механизмами вхождения в различные органы власти. К субъективным компонентам относятся психологические и биографические особенности политиков, влияющие на их попадание на элитные должности. В фокусе нашего исследования - три элитные группы федерального уровня российской политики: депутаты Государственной Думы пятого созыва, действующие члены Совета Федерации и члены кабинета министров в Правительстве В.В. Путина. В монографии разрабатывается модель политико-психологического анализа процесса политического рекрутирования, рассматриваются формальные механизмы и неформальные практики рекрутирования в Парламент и Правительство, описываются ролевые характеристики российских министров и парламентариев, создается классификация каналов...

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